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Have a good time in Budapest! Our goal at the Budapest Escort Club is that you enjoy yourself to the fullest during your stay in Budapest

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Wine tasting and sightseeing

Budapest Escort Club provides 3h walking tours and wine tasting program in Budapest

Wine Tour

Our professional tour guide and wine expert take you out to see the highlights and hidden treasures of Budapest. During approximately 2h walking tour you will see the Buda Castle district, the Heroes' square, Andrássy avenue, Parliament and St. Steven's Basilica. After this light walking tour, let's taste the most famous Hungarian wines and spirits in a typical wine bar in a little 1h time. 

  • 75 euro/person
  • 60 euro/person if you are a group of 3 or more
  • The price includes 3h guided tour (2h walking tour and 1h wine tasting) by a professional tour guide in English, French or Italian and 5 x 0.5 dl wine in a wine bar. 

To subscribe to Budapest sightseeing and wine tasting program click below or call/send message to this phone number: +36 30 602 6453



Budapest at night

Budapest is a gem of middle Europe Continent. This charming city is rightly famous for the amazing sights, friendly people and the sensationally beautiful escort girls. Your best chosen is the Budapest Escort Club, if you spend your time in Budapest. If you wish for a pleasurable walking, or a special sightseeing or an easy relaxation, we gladly satisfy your demands with our programs and escorts.

Escort Modell

Most of our escort girls are active models, who could speak more languages and have degrees. All are hand-picked by our agency because we would like your choosen next time also. Unconventionally we use only original photos and guarantee you get the same girl. At the request of you we can send totally naturally pictures about our escorts.

Couple In Bath

We hope during your stay your life will be more sweet and get positive, unforgettable experiencies. We would like to draw your attention, that our escorts are worldwide so please if your are interested contact us and the girls are able to travel to most countries for holiday or escort you to a business meeting. The plane ticket is for fee of course. In behalf of you, you could call us or mail us, our dispatcher speaks english, french and italian. For the total viewing of the website, please create and account by the right-up corner.

Wish a nice time in Budapest,

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