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Bachelor Parties in Budapest


Those who take part in the nightlife of Budapest often come across groups of men roaming around the various parts of the city wearing striking clothes, same or different, but very funny T-shirts while acting very cheerful. Who are these groups and why they pick Budapest to visit? Why is the Hungarian capital is so popular for stag-do’s? In our latest blog post we try to investigate these questions.

Budapest is the capital of bachelor parties

Anyone who has met the groups mentioned in the introduction part has often experienced that the centre of the group is the future husband (bounty) then realise: ah they having a bachelor party!

Due to the magnificent features of Budapest, it is not by chance that such a programs are so popular! The characteristics of the Hungarian capital are ideal! What are these?

  • Cheap, yet high quality accommodations
  • Relatively cheap drink prices
  • Variety of programs
  • "Balkan" atmosphere
  • And last but not least: Beautiful, extremely open-minded and willing girls.

Because of the above mentioned facts, it is no wonder that Budapest is an extremely popular destination for the various groups seeking fun and relaxation. Hundreds of people are exploring Budapest for the exact same purpose. For this reason, it is obvious that several businesses have been established as a respond to these recreational needs.  There are several high quality bachelor or hen party organising companies in Budapest.

High-quality bachelor party organisers

What would be better then if our bachelor party would be organised by local party experts from the hotel to the programs accompanied by a beautiful escort (tour) guide? Right? All this exists, and if we can have a suggestion to you, do not hesitate to take advantage of this kind of help because you can save a lot of time and energy. You will only have to concentrate on feeling good in the buzzing days and nights of Budapest. Relying on any of the following companies, we can almost guarantee you would not have an unpleasant surprise:


From driving a Trabant to going to a Night Club until mud wresting ... 

Or the "fat women" surprise ... Although we could organise our bachelor party by ourselves, we high suggest to make life easier and choose one of the professional company to do so. Here is a list of colourful program choices: beer bike, tank driving, firefighting, Danube cruises, thermal bath, “ruin pub” visit, night club, striptease club, casino, Trabant driving, go kart, paintball, breaking out games, horse racing, party bus, limousine, mud wrestling, role-plays etc. The range of interesting or sometimes special programs is almost inexhaustibleAll above programs can freely be varied to the maximum of our free time, and with this possibilities I could hardly imagine anyone would not feel good in Budapest. 

And last but not least there are the fabulous escort GIRLS of Budapest

We left the most important factor to the end ...the GIRLS!

What would be the point of a bachelor party if as a bounty you could not enjoy yourself at last before saying goodbye to other woman? What could be more appropriate entertainment than one of the pretties escorts from the Budapest Escort Club. The most beautiful and willing girls in Budapest who always up for some fun times. We hope to see you soon in your visit to Budapest!

Escort girls in Budapest
Diary of a call girl…

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