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Escort experiences in Budapest

Escort experiences in Budapest

We asked some of our dear clients to write us about their experiences in Budapest. We will publish one of these submissions in our latest blog.

Johnny, 39 years old business man:

“From time to time I have to visit Budapest due to business. During these visits I spend many days here. Majority of my workdays are spent with exhausting business meetings. No wonder that after a long day I just want to relax and chill.

It was the same scenario approximately a year ago, when I was in Budapest, sitting in my hotel room and thinking about going out to enjoy the nightlife after a tiring work day. However I have hardly any acquaintances in Budapest and even those people are my business partners, so they wouldn't even come along with me. I definitely wanted an escort, with whom I can have a nice chat, drink a bit somewhere and to just spend a pleasant evening. It would have been the best, if someone would have shown me around and would have given me great tips on how to avoid "the foreigner traps".

I started to search for it on the internet and right off of the bat I found the Budapest Escort Club website. Where I found not only beautiful escorts, but many useful advices and recommendations how to spend my time in Budapest well. I called the number on the website and on the other end of the phone it was a very pleasant voice – Monika –, who was very nice and explained me everything, helped me by give advices about the places which I should visit and also gave an advice who would be perfectly suitable for the occasion.

I was really looking forward to the meeting, with the chosen escort. Compared to the other agencies, I also received natural photos without makeup of the girls, not only glamour shots, so I wouldn't be taken aback, but I was still curious how the girl who will visit me would look like.

Budapest nightlife

B2ap3 Thumbnail Budapest At NightI meet with the escort in the lobby of the hotel, because we wanted to have a drink, and I have to tell that I liked her immediately, as not only she was speaking English perfectly, but she was well educated and informed, so she was a very pleasant companion.

If anyone is looking for a night out is at the perfect place in Budapest, because they have a great range of selection in the downtown, whether we decide to enjoy a Michelin star restaurant or to go to a popular ruin pub. This time we went to Gozsdu Udvar, which is a long street with amazing entertainment options. My lovely escort guided me professionally, helped me to choose between which nightclub we should go and which we shouldn't enter. During the great dinner and talk, I got to know a lot of things about Budapest and about the country as well, which I wouldn't be able to learn from any travel guide books. During our conversation we drank a few more cocktails then headed back to the hotel, where I have to admit that I was really tired after the long work day and after all those cocktails so I only wanted a bit of relaxation. My lovely escort offered me a massage, in which she was also very experienced. I was enjoying the professional oil massage for a long time then with all these great experiences I fall asleep after an amazing day.

Summing it up I can tell that I really enjoyed myself during the whole night, I got an exquisite service and treatment and I had an amazing time. If anyone is in Budapest looking for a pleasant relaxation then you should definitely seize the opportunity of the Budapest Escort Club.

I can highly recommend it!"

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