Escorts at the Airbnb flats in Budapest?

After publishing the list of our beloved hotels in Budapest approximately two years ago, during this passed time interval the accommodation market has completely changed. Most of our clients are not staying in the usual hotels, they are searching for accommodations on the nowadays very trendy social platform, Airbnb. For us and for our prospective clients, we would like to give an overview about the communal market of short term flat renting.

There are many advantages of renting a flat for short term, first of all the prices are much more appealing than the price of a hotel room, secondly the receptionists are not disturbing us and we our own bosses. Could you wish for anything more than this, who are not strictly interested in the panoramic view of Budapest, but also looking for piquant adventures?

Why could renting a flat be great for?



How strong is the Airbnb in Budapest?

With nearly 5000 housing advertisement the Airbnb in Budapest is high in the regional comparison.
In the system of Prague there is approximately 5700 active property, but for example in Vienna only 4100 and in Warsaw not even 2000. That data is interesting because, the hotel type of accommodations in Vienna is much higher than in Budapest and is approximately the same in Warsaw. The results of the Mid-European are dwarfed by the numbers of Paris or London, where is 26-27 thousand active properties were counted in 2016. The pricing is also very diverse, the most expensive ones are in London obviously, where they ask triple of the amount as they ask in Budapest. The multiplier is a bit more than 2.5 in Paris. In Vienna you have to pay 80 percent more in average. In conclusion Budapest is one of the cheapest destinations on Airbnb. Warsaw is approximately the same and Bucharest is only cheaper by a bit.

What is the average price of the Airbnb flats in Budapest?

However there is a vast difference between offers, as we can rent from a single room up to a castle in the Buda hills, the average prices in Budapest are approximately $50 per night, which is a much better deal compared to the prices of a hotel room. 

In conclusion why wouldn't we consider renting a flat on Airbnb? Especially if we would like to spend some quality time with a lovely escort. Besides all of these, we should choose our flat very carefully and handle the meeting very discreet and we should also keep in mind to watch out for not disturbing the neighbours. If you do keep in mind all of the above listed then you are going to have a pleasant experience.

Which are the most interesting available flats in Budapest to rent? 

Last but not least, let's check out some photos of the most interesting available flats in Budapest.