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Party, stag-dos in Budapest

Party, stag-dos in Budapest

The Hungarian capital has been attracting many tourists over the years, thanks to the beautiful city centre, the hot Spa's, the nightlife, the beautiful girls, and some other appealing factors of the city. Week after week a new international portal recommends for their readers to look up Budapest, which in addition to the many activities due to low prices can also be very attractive for many people.

Stag does or just a group of friends gathering together – Budapest is always a popular venue. Why not treat yourself and your friends for a wild bachelor party, or simply a few days of relaxation escaping from the daily work routine? If you craving for such schemes in Budapest, we recommend to you our help. Entrust yourself to a local experts who knows the city inside out.

Why choose Budapest – and of course Us :-) – if you'd like an unforgettable party?

1. Best price/value

Budapest has been chosen the best price/value city in the global assessment of TripAdvisor. A night in a 4-5-star Hotel can be booked just as little as $100. A delicious dinner just 20 Dollars. The prices are very favourable in the trusted locations, if you avoid the places where tourists can get “ripped off”. The black list of night clubs has been published in a previous blog entry – be sure to avoid these places! The majority of people in Budapest are kind, friendly and welcoming.

2. Touristic sights

Budapest Heroes' squareIt is almost impossible to list all the “must seen” sights of Budapest. The capital is the “Pearl of the Danube”. Be sure to admire the majestic views of the Royal Citadel, the Hero's Square, where the monumental National Museum also located, and don't forget to view the unique building of the Hungarian Parliament.

3. Magical Spa’s

Budapest Szechenyi BathBudapest is the capital of the hot springs baths! There is no other city in Europe, which has so many thermal and medicinal waters. Among the hot bath’s the Gellért bath stands out, as well as the world-famous Széchenyi thermal bath, which offers visitors a therapeutical treatments too. Our escort ladies would be happy to accompany you for a pleasant Spa day and you can also rent private baths for an affordable price. Contact us for details.

4. “Romkocsmák” – “Ruin pubs”

Ruin pubOne of the trendiest places of Budapest currently is the most fashionable and known as “ruin pubs” that are often has incredible atmosphere and the visitor can feel that they hopped in their own adventure movie :-) Last but not least, the price is very favourable. Be sure to visit the “Dürer kert” (XI. District, 19-21 Ajtósi Dürer line), the “Ellátó kert” (VII. district, Kazinczy street 48.), the “Fogasház” (VII. district, 51 Akácfa Street) or the “Instant” (VII. district 38 Nagymező street.).

5. Special Programs

Shooting clubBudapest abounded with opportunity to engage some special programs for very little or fairly reasonable prices. Many event planning company was established on the needs of foreign tourism. Might be a bit surprising, but many tourist are value ahead these adventurous programs rather than the usual sightseeing places. According to TripAdvisor is the most popular program is in the suburb shooting (Celeritas Shooting Club, 23rd district, Grassalkovich road 294) you can shoot with a variety of contemporary, modern weapons and of course live ammunition with a help of an expert. Furthermore the various “Break out” programs are extremely popular, you can find also a couple of internationally recognised one in the capital. For example – Try the “Trap” programme (Paulay Ede street 20. VI. district).

6. The Girls

Beautiful girlNowhere in the world is so much kind, beautiful, naughty girl like in Budapest. All of this proven by the world of top models, where today more and more Hungarian rising star beauties appear. The Hungarian girls are educated, good looking, and in Eastern Europe the most passionate ones. It is best if all of these fact you experience in person.

Entrust yourself in Budapest! Send us your ideas of a relaxing holiday or bachelor party in Budapest, and we take care and organise the rest. Our escort girls can take you everywhere and you will be guided to have a pleasant and unforgettable stay in Budapest.

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