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Recreation with escort – on the golf courses of Hungary

Recreation with escort – on the golf courses of Hungary

Escorts and golf? 

What could be more substantial recreation besides our beautiful escorts, than moving in the admirable natural environment in the most beautiful regions of Budapest and Hungary with the queen of the sports: the golf!

In Hungary, and specifically in the neighbourhood of Budapest we can find more beautiful golf courses where the enamours of the sport or the ones who simply want cozy recreation or by any chance the ones who want to learn to play golf can find wonderful places for their hobby.

Hungary is a special and recommended place from the point of view of golf oppositely the Western European golf opportunities, because while it is very expensive and hard to get in to the foreign popular clubs, as long as in Hungary we can obtain high quality golf possibilities in a relatively cheap price and easy way. That’s why we can only encourage our guests either being professionals or beginners and now they would try it besides our amazing escort colleagues do not hesitate and grab this fantastic entertainment on the excellent golf courses of Hungary. We are convinced that you won’t regret it and you will have a lot of wonderful experiences:)

In this section we would like to present you 5 outstanding Hungarian golf courses in order to inspire you. We selected these golf courses according to the fact that those locations have more entertainment possibilities and you can’t miss out them, for example Lake Balaton, an excellent hotel or a bath. These environments and extra opportunities will be mentioned in each golf courses.

Hungary’s famous golf courses

1. Zala Springs Golf Resort, Zalacsány

The unique medicinal thermal spring and bath of Hévíz can be found nearby, which is very popular in the region of Lake Balaton and Europe. Is it needed more? The plans of the outstanding standard of the golf course was dreamed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. who is world-famous golf course designer. The golf course, which is situated on 160 hectares area; is 6351 m long; is doted with lakes and has 18 championship stages, was built according to the regulations of the USGA so it is convenient to give home to international world competitions as well. The implementation of the golf course make possible to practise this sport on this amazing course for the professionals and for the beginners too.

2. Hungarian Golf Club, Kisoroszi

Get back a bit close to Budapest because to the North of the capital, on the island of the Danube the beautiful Hungarian Golf Club can be found, in Kisoroszi. After the 30 minutes’ drive-way from Budapest, we can find this golf course in the northern part of the island of Szentendre. It is situated on 66 hectares, it has 18 stages and its picturesqueness and the closeness of the Danube Bend steal everyone’s heart who are big fans of golf and nature. The ingeniously planned, interesting tracing par has 72 difficulty and it includes big accuracy claimer stages. The exceptional natural facilities give real and unforgettable experience to the visitors.

3. Pannónia Golf Club, Alcsútdoboz

Let’s stay nearby Budapest, but instead of North, we should take the lead in the western direction. Similarly after 30 minutes’ drive-way, leaving the city’s noise behind us, the Pannónia Golf Club is found in an amazing valley. Hans G. Erhardt, the famous Austrian golf course designer planned this 18-holed course. The course is situated in a valley, so the diverse forms of the fairways give you excellent golf experiences. There are lakes in the 8 stages and the positions of the greens’ flag being in rolling landscape may be a challenge. The 6 teeing-grounds can give correct and real picture for the professionals and for the beginners as well about their exact golf knowledge and ability. The natural environment, the beautiful and carefully groomed course inspires the golfers to achieve a great achievement.

4. Royal Balaton Golf and Yacht Club, Balatonudvari

Let’s go towards the Balaton, to the most beautiful part of it, namely to the hills of Balatonfelvidék, to Balatonfüred and to the Tihany Peninsula! The Royal Balaton Golf Club is located here, in this wonderful environment. Could you imagine better, than for example after spending time on the Yacht on a hot summer day just walking over to the golf course? There are numerous excellent hotels, beautiful sightseeing possibilities and last but not least one of the best wine-growing regions of Hungary, the wine-growing area of Badacsony is found here as well.

5. Birdland Golf Club, Bükfürdő

Although, we have to back away from the capital and from Lake Balaton, nearly until the western border of the country, our journey is worth taking and it is worth the fatigue too, as in Bükfürdő one of the most well-known medicinal water and thermal bath centre of Europe is situated here and last but not least the Birdland Golf Club is near this bath. In the neighbourhood of this 18-wholed golf course, which is situated in a gorgeous natural atmosphere, we can find the amazing Greenfield Hotel as a partnership of the Club. The thermal bath is near the place, for some minutes walk from it. Only our escorts can give you bigger indulgence and delightful time for you:)

The favourite escorts of Hungary

After Hungary’s favourite golf courses, let’s see now Hungary’s favourite escorts:) who offer you enjoyable recreation and amazing company either after the exhausting working days or during playing golf or as a part of recreation. We hope so that we can indulge you and make you unforgettable experiences on Hungary’s amazing golf courses and with our beautiful girls in a little while, as soon as possible! We wanted to present it in order to amaze you.

Zala Springs:

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