Shall we go to night clubs in Budapest?

This question unfortunately usually puts several foreign visitors into passion. The night clubs in Budapest are not always the places for carefree fun. In the capital city there are lots of properly and correctly working places (the list of the recommended places is below). But lately we could hear about several abuse and deception against foreigners in the night life of Budapest and because of its purport we could read about them in newspapers, and there have been legal consequences too. In more cases there have been judgements but the situation is not totally easing, and there are some so called “night club” specialized in swindling unreal lot money from unsuspicious foreigners in several ways. What are these ways, what should we pay attention if we want to have fun in this way?

1. “B” Menu

Some coctailsForeign visitor orders based on a “normal“ menu, and when leaving he gets the bill about 2000 euros. When he or she complains, the waiter gives him another menu, on which one beer is 700 euros for example. Unfortunately it happened several times in night clubs in Budapest. In some cases the security guard beat, restrained, and escorted him or her to a bank machine by force.

2. The drink of the girl

Lap dancerAnother scenario is that the girls working in the place starts chatting with the guest, orders themselves a drink. Sometimes not even sitting at the guest’s table, but staying at the bar. (The drink they ordered id of course non-alcoholic tea or syrup.) When the guest is leaving he gets a bill about 2000 euros for those few drinks. When the guest starts complaining, he is told that he paid the girl’s drink which is a very special drink as it costs 10 times more than his. Beat, restraining can occur there too, in case of complaining.

3. “Helpful” taxi driver (or woman)

Angry menThe night clubs claiming these robs usually cooperate with some taxi driver, who gets premium after the victim. That’s way we recommend firstly to travel ONLY by trusted taxi company, do not get into any other cars, particularly cars without company logo, or you will pay a lot again. The other thing, do not let him to bring you into the night club he is recommending. 

In the end of this writing, there is a list of the trusted taxi companies. With these you won’t have bad experiences. (In case of ordering on phone they speak English and other foreign languages.)

Finally we recommend that if you really want to go into the night of Budapest, get somebody who is professional, who is local and knows the trusted places. Before your journey contact us. In our crew we have professionals, who have everything about entertaining in Budapest in his fingertips. Our guides provides you any kind of thematic free-time activity in Budapest in English, French or Italian; the gastronomic experts and oenophiles can give you advice which restaurants, wine bars or “ruin bars” worth a visit. On your demand we can put every kind of programme together, and our colleges can go with you and guide you through the night of Budapest, no matter which kind of entertaining you choose. We can guarantee that the visit spent that way will be pleasant and unforgettable.

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