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What are the most common escort agency tricks in Budapest?

What are the most common escort agency tricks in Budapest?

During our everyday business we come across a lots of disappointed clients who complains about other escort agencies how much headache and disappointment they been suffered by them.

After a successful booking through our agency they often mentioned via email or phone how grateful they are that we run a correct administration and business and often mentioned how much trouble they have gone through with other agencies.

In order to avoid similar setbacks while having a blast in Budapest, we have put together a list (for our guest) - what you should always pay attention to avoid letdowns and have a guaranteed amazing time. (Although if you would like to stay on the safe side we would highly recommend to always select our agency, so we can guarantee you the most correct/satisfying and pleasant experience during your stay) What you need to watch out in other escort agencies website:

1. Fake pictures

Let’s start with the most common problem – unfortunately these days lots of escort agencies are using completely fake pictures of their girls. Type of fakes are:

Mostly they simple grab online a few good looking picture and place it to their website which will catch attention of potential clients. However when somebody would enquire and like to book that specific person, they simple say she is unavailable and trying to persuade into another companion the client.

The more serious version of fake profile pictures are when the client book a specific companion and the agency simply send any available companion not caring of the client requirement – which could lead to delusion from both sides. The client can send away the companion feeling cheated or keep the companion and go ahead with booking with bitter taste in mouth.

Both scenario can be a huge letdown and can easily leave the client in agony and could damage the reputation of the agency, neitherless to say we are not working like any of above mentioned methods.

2. Old pictures

Fat girlSame topic, similar case around profile pictures... the agency uses pictures of their ladies which has been taken long time ago....let’s say 5-10 years ago so they do not reflect the reality of the lady/companion, as since she has gained approx 10kg, got a bit older (wrinkled) and colored her hair in brown so neitherless to say when she arrives to the client the above mentioned scenarios played out again.

3. Photoshop Tricks

Some agencies employes the best Photoshop gurus available in industry:) That case the pictures are recent however unrealistic as the actual lady could easily get a face-lift, tummy tuck, breast enhancement and look instantly 10 years younger on pictures – no need to mention that the outcome will be same when she arrives to the date.

4. Lack of Service or Misleading Enjoy list

It’s great to confirm double check the service list (enjoy list) of companion prior your booking. Many occasions clients only found out from the courtesan/companion that she does not or only for extra money would do some service, which can cause a lot of discomfort, delusion and stress prior or during the booking.

To avoid the above mentioned source of disappointments – we would highly recommend to our guest no matter where they will order a companion but ask for recent and natural pictures of the choosen lady so they won’t get frustrated or an unpleasant surprise upon her arrival.

Our agency has a booklet of recent, non-photoshopped, natural (no make up) pictures of all companion - where you can see the real (current) look of your companion making sure she will be the same person as on pictures. If the agency are not willing to send those type of pictures of companion we would not recommend to use their services.

Our agency furthermore offer a 100% guarantee for all our companion’s (look).

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the companion you can cancel the meeting in the first 15 minutes upon her arrival without any extra fee or charge, we only ask you to pay the travel cost of your companion. (Taxi fare)

Please feel free to call us for enquires to find and match you with the best companion for your needs – we know extremely well all our collegues, so you will securely enjoy the most suitable companion during your stay.

Our goal is that you will feel completely relaxed and content with our services during your stay in Budapest or even a longer visit abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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