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What are the most popular programs of Budapest’s night life?

What are the most popular programs of Budapest’s night life?
Those guests who are not frequent visitors in Budapest often ask us what are the programs that would be a "sin" to miss even during a short visit to Budapest :)

As we alway aim to provide the best to make our guests feel fantastic during their “entourage” we have put together a small guidance with a selection of the most popular nightlife- and recreational programs currently available in Budapest. We have tried to pre-select a diverse variety so all people can find the most suitable program due to their temperance no matter if you looking for a romantic evening or a wine and dine gastro experience or even if one would like to experience a wild party or shooting scene.

Let's start our introductory program about Budapest's top activities which will guaranteed to help you make the most out of your visit. We hope that you will enjoy our company/courtesan’s company too :)

Let’s warm up!

The Thermal Spa’s

budapest bathWhere would be a better way to warm up and start than in one of the beautiful thermal baths of Budapest. We have already written several times about these amazing spa’s in our previous blog posts - so I would just briefly say that Budapest has many thermal springs which mainly built around beautiful monuments. The cooler days we kindly recommend a pleasant bathing experience in one of the hot springs, for example: the Gellert baths -where you can be alone (separated) and indulge in the private bathing option. Another great place is the Széchenyi baths at the City Grove.


Each of our clients sometimes would fancy to be able to shoot several times during an encounter, wouldn't it be great? :) Of course, we are pleased to offer our help in those adventurous types too. The suburb of Budapest has a special shooting arena/place, which has gained extraordinary popularity over the years. Has led the list on TripAdvisor as the most popular program in Budapest. Why this place is special? Experts, former soldiers guiding you how to use various weapons / shooter pads and you can participate in a real life shooting which can be bought in a package. One package contains a trial of approx. 10 different kinds of weapons. When we first fire an AK-47 gun it only can be compared to an earthshaking orgasm or even better :) Must see and try element of stag parties, stag-does! (Celeritas Shooting Club)


One of the top floor of a parking garage in the center of Budapest there is a complete go-kart (race) track where you can indulge your passion for competition and speed. Its Budapest's longest indoor go-kart track where you can hire faster go-carts with full ground handling and pits. It is great fun for groups of friends and an ideal venue for stag parties. (Gokartring Eurocenter, Budapest 3rd district).


beerbikeAfter we have been trying such an adrenaline-raising program we should release the “tension” with a small biking tour. No i am not talking about the traditional “riding, looking at the landscape sweating lots" type of biking. We want to offer a way more exciting kind. Budapest’s latest trend: the beer biking - often appear in the streets with a special funny looking structure, loud music, lights, flashes and smiling people whom waving, having fun with spark in their eyes. The twinkle of the eyes and the slow moving is caused by the large quantity of beer. The beer moves up in tubes while you ride during your sightseeing. The participants are sipping lots while enjoying the sights. Highly frenetic experience one that guaranteed all of you will remember the rest of your life - and of course all the wonderful sights too. We are given reassurance that the beer bike has a sober driver just in case the fun increase the maximum level. Each bike can carry 4-12 people. (Several companies you could rent your beerbike from.)

Pub Tour

szimplakertAfter warming up on a beer bike tour, let's see, where to continue our fun night out. Among tourists currently one of the most popular entertainment are the ruin pubs -particularly among the younger generation. We will try to explain why.

“Szimplakert” (Kazinczy street 14. District 6)
When you enter the "Szimplakert" plaster crumbling old house greets you, which makes you feel the place has a soul. The surreal atmosphere is enhanced in the gloom of night light mixed with colorful effects and furnitures, objects, special works of art from the communist era. We could enjoy our beverage in an old "cabrio" shaped Trabant. Pleasant prices, friendly faces. Highly recommended for group of friends.
If you want to go “deeper: in the nightlife, the next stop should be the
"Instant" (Nagymező Street 38, District 6);
if still feeling frisky, then
"Morrison's 2" (Szent István krt. 11, District 5).

If you want to sing...

karaoke clubOnce the mood reaches the peak point, why not let your voice out:) To do this, we suggest a perfect place in an exotic location -instead of the streets of Budapest - The Godzsu courtyard has an excellent karaoke club. The courtyard greets us with an incredible design in addition to the capital of one of the best professional karaoke club with a huge choice of songs/hits. Everyone can find their own style. The rest is up to you. (Reservations are required.) (Blue Bird karaoke, Dob u. 16. District 7, Gozsdu court).

Nightclubs and bars

Budapest has fantastic nightlife with plenty of great bars and clubs, however just be aware and careful where you ending up! If you go to a nightclub, which you should not be, easily you could be expelled into a huge amount of money, so please before going out re-visit our earlier blog post and read the Blacklist of Nightclubs in Budapest.

If you're feeling just a romantic evening...

Of course, not everyone wants to party / go out every night. Many of us fancy a nice, romantic evening walk with their partner. For that, we could not offer a better location than the "Suttogó Piano Bar" where intimate, romantic atmosphere, pleasant and relaxing rendezvous are guaranteed. (Hajós street 27, District 6).

Let's eat something...

wine cellarSt. Andrea’s wine cellar (founded in Eger) is one of Hungary's best wine cellars with excellent, award-winning wines. If they open a restaurant in Budapest, we can be assured to get the best quality food and even greater wine and superb hospitality serve which will meet the expectation of any gastronomy fan. The venue is definitely worth a trial / night out especially that is located in one of the oldest most prestigious building in Budapest, the Eiffel Palace office. Recommended for gourmets. (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78. District 5).

The wine lovers

wine galleryThe "Cultivini wine gallery" the supply and the philosophy says it all - their slogan: "The Hungarian wine world in one place." More than 150 kinds of wine you can select from and taste the best Hungarian wines while the helpful staff gladly guide you in the domestic varieties and wine regions of Hungary.

The Hungarian wines have received several prestigious international recognitions the recent years, if you would like to get familiar or get an overall picture of Hungarian wines, or simply have a fun dine and wine out, it's a great place to start. (Paris u. 4 District 5).

Gambling / Game of life…

If you desire to relax and (gamble/play) blown away - visit the "Las Vegas Casino" in the Corvin sétány, which you can't go wrong. The gambling arena has 250 slot machines, vending machines and countless other machines, roulette and card tables for a complex unwinding fun experience. Remember pretty girls bring luck:) (8th district Corvin sétány 4).

We hope you had a great time during our imaginary tour of the nightlife in Budapest, and hope after reading about it nothing will holding you back that at least try a piece of it yourself. We can assure you will have an unforgettable experiences. If you have any further question or enquires we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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