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Where to go dining in Budapest in 2016?

Where to go dining in Budapest in 2016?

Many clients ask us, where to go for dining in Budapest with friends or with a gorgeous company of a lady, which restaurants should they visit. Since the growth in gastronomical selections in the past few years in Budapest. We would like to share a little selection depending on the prices and needs. And to make sure that they experience the best.

Top restaurants with affordable pricing in Budapest

The “affordable” expression is depending on our financial limits, but we can recommend these restaurants, to whom are interested in what is the best in Budapest.

Borkonyha (Bp, 5th district Sas u. 3.)

Borkonyha restaurantOne of the Michelin star restaurants in Budapest, which we could describe as a fusion of a french bistro and a Hungarian contemporary family restaurant. A “Borkonyha“ (Wine kitchen) name suggests that they have a great selection of wine, approximately 200 different kind of wines, mostly Hungarian. With fresh, daily acquisition, and with weekly or 2 weekly changing food selection. The best choice for a gourmet.

Tanti (Bp, 12th district, Apor Vilmos square 11-12, in the Hegyvidék shopping centre)

TantiA Michelin star restaurant. The Tanti restaurant is located on a pleasant place at the Buda side in the mountains, far away from the downtown’s whirl. Since their opening in 2014 they are gathering popularity, just after 6 months they got the Michelin star acknowledgement. The service is really nice, very homelike. They want to avoid snobbery. The food is truly a masterpiece. The seafood lovers can find extraordinary dishes on the menu.

Top restaurants in Budapest if we don’t have any financial limits

These restaurants can be useful, if we are taking business partners on a dinner and we have a business credit/debit card and we sign the disbursement :)

Fuji (Bp, 2nd district, Csatárka út 54.)

FujiIf we are thinking about the asian cuisine, then the Japanese restaurant Fuji would be the best decision. The restaurant got numerous acknowledgement for instance suggestion from Gault and Millau and the title of Hungary’s best Asian restaurant. The authentic Japanese inside and outside style and the special natural ingredients, which they are getting freshly every single day are being taken care of by the Japanese chef itself Masato Usuda.

Nobu (Bp, 5th district, Erzsébet tér 7-8. in the building of the Kempinski Hotel)

NobuA Japanese gastronomic speciality also. The fans of master chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa could first try his specialities in Mid-Europe in Budapest. There is a sushi bar and a maximum 20 person capability private room in the restaurant. They are waiting their guests with Nobu cocktail specialities and drink menu in the bar.

Fausto’s (Bp, 7th district, Dohány utca 3.)

In the heart of the downtown,during lunchtime and dinnertime they serve in the Ristorante the classical Italian cuisine, in a sophisticated, contemporary style. With excellent ingredients, in an elegant environment, and with mindful service. For the lovers of the Italian cuisine.

Lou Lou (Bp, 6th district, Székely M. utca 2.)

Lou LouFor the lovers of the French cuisine,the best decision the elegant and authentic Lou Lou Restaurant. One of Hungary’s most acknowledged top gastronomic restaurants. A hidden treasure in the heart of Budapest, on which it has a great influence the haute cuisine. Imaginative flavour combinations, top quality ingredients and sophisticated presentations determine their gastronomical belief.

Baraka (Bp, 5th district, Dorottya utca 6.)

You can call this restaurant a legendary one, because for many years it has a top quality kitchen. You can not leave out mentioning the location of this restaurant, it takes place in the beautiful Dorothy Palace, in the heart of the historical downtown. One of the best fine dining restaurant in Mid Europe… Very fine dining, very fusion and very expensive. :)

Brilliant restaurants in Budapest for a date, where the dinner is not only a scenery

If you would like to taste the best of the best gastronomy in Budapest, but you don’t want to be ill at ease, on the other hand spend an off-handed experienceful night, then we are suggesting the places listed below.

Laci!konyha! (Bp, 13th distrcit, Hegedus Gy. utca 56.)

Laci!Konyha!For many years they have one of the most exciting restaurants in the capital city. There is no such thing as a fixed menu, but they have so much ideas in a week, which would be enough for months at other places. Hungarian tradition based sophisticated contemporary boutique restaurant. Selected offers, high quality! Just take it easy! Rating of Gault & Millau is 14 points.

Fricska (Bp, 7th district, Dob utca 56-58)

Fricska restaurantFrom their starting momentum they didn’t lose a single bit. It’s name Fricska (Flick) indicates the culinary effrontery, which they give to the well known Hungarian cuisine. We can stumble over unique Italian and French flavours, and they remodel the traditional Hungarian cuisine. They surprise the guests every single day with a new menu. Visit them in jeans or in suits but you can not miss out on their offers.

Situ (Bp, 7th district, Kazinczy utca 32.)

Situ restaurant in BudapestIn the upcoming event of a friendly dinner or a date you wish to try something new, then you can rely on this restaurant. We shouldn’t be taken aback by the fact that it is located in the heart of the party district! The Situ mostly concentrates on the French cuisine, but there are a few Hungarian dishes hidden in the menu (for example the unmissable Goulash soup). Quality dishes, friendly environment and with a friendly smile which even comes home with you. Drop in to the Situ!


After listing all these excellent and exciting restaurants, I can only wish for You to enjoy yourself in Budapest relishing the gastronomy also and we hope that our gorgeous escorts can make the flavours taste even better and make your experience even fuller.

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