Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do the girls accept?

The girls will only accept payment in cash. This should be given to your companion within the first fifteen minutes. This shows your consideration and sincerity and will allow you to enjoy your time together worry free.
Don’t worry if your courtesan calls us when she arrives, this is just to let us know she has arrived safely and you are pleased with your choice.
Note that we are unable to accept payment by credit card. We accept euro, US dollar, Hungarian Forint, please contact us for daily rates.

Travel costs? 

Travel costs are not included. In case of travel bookings the customer will arrange a return flight ticket for the companion. Every possible transportation fares (taxi, train, etc.) from or to the airport have to be refunded directly to the companion.
For the duration of the meeting the customer has to provide the accomodation and all expenses for the companion's natural needs (food, drink, etc.). The companion and the agency have the right to refuse to do anything unlawful in the country where the tour is planned.

Are the rates negotiable?

In a word, no, they aren't.

Hiring Last Minute Courtesans

When you are hiring your escort guide it is always best to book in advance so that you can avoid unnecessary disappointments in the last moment.
However, we cannot always plan things in advance because life can be unpredictable. You might have travelled to Budapest to attend a business meeting and for some reason the scheduled meeting may be cancelled or postponed and suddenly you may have a free time of three to four hours or an entire day in a totally unexpected way. When such things happen, you will not know how to keep yourself occupied in a new city where you have no friends or company. You cannot book your compagnion in Budapest in advance in such scenarios. You will then need to book your escorts in the last moment.

Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! High heels? Red lingerie? If you'd like your courtesan to wear something special, or if you have another request, just ask. We will always try and be as accommodating as possible.


If, your scedule changes, please telephone the agency to cancel or postpon your booking.

Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law?

Yes it is legal, and no, you're definitely not breaking the law. We are simply introducing you to individuals who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. What the girls do when they are with you is their business and yours - it's nothing to do with us. As for you, as long as you don't pay anyone under the age of 18 to be an escort for yourself, you're fine. All our courtesans are assuredly over age and have provided us with documented proof of their age.

Help! My question isn't answered here!

Not a problem: we're committed to the highest possible level of customer service. Contact Us and we'll do our best to answer your question!

Phone number: +36 30 602 6453

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